Social Media Consultancy

We will help you To Grow Your Business , Consultancy, Church, Ministry and Book Sale  Using the Power Of The Internet and Social Media to help you become the "Famous name" in your industry market and niche

We can Re-package YOU and your business to become a formidable and recognizable brand while helping you to manage your reputation and outreach.

We will formulate A Personalized Social Media Strategy for your Business 

Five key steps we use in developing a personalized

 social media marketing strategy

1.             Discovery - who you are, what you sell, who you sell it to, how you market, who you market to and much more

2.             Community Analysis - We conduct a deep dive into the social space, uncovering where target audiences are active, how they are interacting and engaging with each other and brands, what terms they are using, etc. This also includes a complete review of current social media efforts and those of competitors.

3.             Goal Setting - objectives are agreed on for social media activities, success metrics, platform to be used and expected result from the different strategies ie Youtube, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn etc

4.              Engagement Plan - There are three major areas to think about in the Engagement Plan, including Content Strategy, Channel Strategy and Campaign Strategy.

    5.              Metrics & Measurement Strategy Given that we're trying to achieve a set of goals, we will agree on how we're going to know if and when we've done that 


 Market Domination Initial Set up Package

Details of Included Services

Initial Investigation

-  Website Analysis and Status Report

-  Keyword Research

- Onsite Optimization

- Competition Research

 Preliminary Work

1.  Create 10 Social Media Properties including your Blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Channel, Google Page  

(Social Media Marketing) 

 2.  Intro Video for homepage loaded to your Youtube Channel (Video Marketing) 

3.  Submission of Website for indexing to 250 Directories    (Directories Submissions) 

4. 5 promotional videos uploaded to your YouTube Channel  and distributed to 30 video networks (Video Marketing) 

5.  Write and Distribute 3 articles to 200 Directories 

(Article Marketing) 

6.  Local listing on Google Local and Google Places  

(Local Geographical Marketing) 

7. Create LinkWheel (To establish Authority and Credibility) 

8.  2 Press Releases - (To Build Credibility) 

9.  Website Search Engine Optimization 

10. Report and Update of activities


Monthly Growth Package

Details of Included Services 

***Please note – We cannot take on MONTHLY PROMOTIONS without the initial setup service

Directory Submission  -  Website submitted for listing on 100 Directories

Article Marketing -  1 article to 250 directories 

Video Marketing  -  1 video  to your YouTube channel distributed to 30 videos networks 

Bookmarking to build Credibility- 1 press release and blog posts related to your niche  

Forum Marketing -  Postings to Forums related to related to your niche                                          

Social Media Marketing -  Update your Blog Facebook, Twitter and Google Pages

Update Link Wheel   

Monthly report and Update

Guaranteed monthly at least 500 backlinks to your website


We help you attract all the 4 major streams of traffic to your website.

·         Search Traffic

·         Referral Traffic

·         Social Traffic

·         Return Traffic 

***Please note – We cannot take on MONTHLY PROMOTIONS without the initial setup service

Strategy first – Implementation Second

ü Branding – Matching profile, background, Message, Logo and Images all over the different platforms but specializing on 4 platforms

ü Competition Analysis  - Profile, Positioning, Packaging, Promotion, and ranking in niche/market

üFacebook strategy

ü YouTube strategy linked to Google plus

ü Twitter  Strategy

ü LinkedIn Strategy – Company pages & pages for principal officers

ü Presence on other Social Media Networks


Breakdown of Service / Some of the Work to be done by our Social Media Experts

                Linked In Strategy

Ø Create your LinkedIn Profile/ Page Strategy

Ø Build relevant keyword - targeted profile

Ø Set up your Company page

Ø Send out targeted invites to new connections

Ø Connect with your fans and seek recommendations for both profile and products (on Company page)

Ø Build content plan using Social Media dashboard

Ø Set up, join and participate in targeted relevant groups

Ø Search and answer relevant questions to build “Expert” Status

YouTube Strategy

Ø Set up a keyword-targeted YouTube Channel and profile

Ø Subscribe to like-minded YouTube channels

Ø Research hot topics on YouTube (or other forums) in your market

Ø Survey your audience (where possible), identify their burning questions

Ø Create a fully optimized YouTube video with answers to the burning question or challenges in your market

Ø Share Video on social networks

Ø Set up and distribute videos on sharing sites as well as on your own blog

Ø Track video results and trends