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Do you need to market yourself and your business to attract more clients and sell more stuff – but have no idea where to begin? You want results, yet strapped for time? We can help

Dear Future Industry Icon,

You are Special and Unique! Let us work together to grow your business and take it to a higher level with no glass ceiling

Introducing The “You will Flourish” Business Coaching and Mentoring program. Your solution to open up the door for more freedom and fun in business

It’s a 12weeks Coaching and mentoring program of three modules to help you organise your business especially your marketing around your clients while working on building yourself up to rise up to the challenge of managing a bigger multi-faceted business with global outreach.

Step 1 : Understanding The Business

Ø The Business idea

Ø The Business Operation

Ø The people to run the business

Ø Branding & Promotional materials – Online and off line

Step 2 : Sales and Marketing System

Ø Lead Generation System

Ø Sales and marketing system

Ø Maintenance, Retention and Growth system

Ø Social Media Marketing & Website traffic generation

Step 3 : Leadership and CEO Branding

Ø Empowering Leadership

Ø Personal Branding, Social & Diplomatic Etiquette

Ø High Performance Team Building

Ø Building the future the next big step

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Each step includes one to one coaching sessions on skype, worksheets to help you apply your insights immediately, and fill in the blank templates for fast implementation

Turn your vision of running a successful business to reality. Dare to dream big Reflecting on the word of wisdom that says, “You can eat an elephant by taking one bite at a time but the key is to take the bites early in a systematic way. The best time to start is now

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I look forward to seeing you at the top

To your Success,

P.S. Rememeber You will have "Direct and Personal Access" to Bibi Apampa for SIX months for advise, mentoring, coaching on any aspect of your business. With Bibi available on call, you will be less of a pioneer and more of an experienced traveler.

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