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Top 20 Small Business Ideas for Professionals

1. E-commerce-: This is the general name used to refer to buying and selling buying and selling items on the internet.

2. SEO specialist-: SEO means search engine optimization and an SEO specialist is saddled with the responsibility of helping website owners increase their page rankings, so that when related keywords are searched by internet users, their websites can appear high up in the list. This is a business which requires a high level of commitment, tenacity and intelligence; CLICK HERE to start this business today

3. Green consultant-: With the whole world going green, there is space for you to offer their services as green consultants and show business owners how to incorporate the green revolution into their businesses.

4. Financial Advisor-: Financial advisory business involves a lot of things. An I.T professional who decides to set up his own cloud computing business may be well versed with happenings in the information technology industry but may be a complete novice when it comes to issues like investment, taxes, insurance and interest rates. Such people usually require the services of financial advisors to help them out with the financial aspects of their business.

5. Life Coach-: Professionals  are not only intelligent but knowledgeable on a variety of subjects and would be able to perform well as a life coach.

6. Tutoring-: The education industry is one that continues to grow and defy any form of recession or economic downturn. This is because the quest for learning continues to increase, even when there is a recession, people still want to advance their knowledge and learn new ways to rise above the recession.

7. Market researcher-: Every company out there requires some form of market research from time to time. They need to know what their consumers need and how to satisfy these needs, they need to know the latest trends in the market, and they need to know what their competitors are up to and how to stay ahead of the competition.

8. Recruitment consultant-: The process of finding the most suitable candidates to fill up a vacant position can be very tedious. The conducting of tests, interviews, negotiation and eventually training, could take a lot of time; company time that would have been spent on revenue-generating activities. This is why most companies outsource their recruitment services to recruitment consultants.

9. Event planner-: A successful event planner needs to have great time management skills, organizational skills and of course, strategic and analytical skills. if you love planning, you could put these skills to use in the corporate world by organizing annual general meetings, product launches, business exhibitions and several other related businesses.

10. Management consultant-: A management consultant is like the manager’s manager. As no human is an island of knowledge and ideas, the management of most organizations employ other people to give them advice, support and information that would improve their performance as well as that of their business.

11. Debt Management and Recovery-: Debt recovery and management is a two-way kind of business. There are so many people out there who are unfortunately suffering from bad credit reports, you could start a business to help such people negotiate with their creditors and get more favorable interest rates and payment patterns. On another note, you could help businesses recover debts from their debtors and earn commission from offering such services.

12. E-mail Marketing-: E-mail marketing is a growing form of advertisement. It involves sending persuasive e-mails in form of newsletters to potential or existing clients in other to persuade them to purchase certain goods or services. This letters require a whole lot of skills to write because they can either piss off your customers or encourage them to patronize you. This is why most business owners prefer to hire experts to help them draft kick-ass marketing copies.

13. Public Relations Consultant-: Public relations consultants are responsible for writing press releases, attending to enquiries about the business from the public and generally painting the business in a good light in the eyes of the public.

14. Business financing expert-: A lot of people have smart business ideas but they do not have the required capital to follow their ideas through. You can help direct their path through the complex world of small business financing.

15. Business plan and proposal writer-: When seeking for business loans or investment for your business, the first thing a potential investor would ask for is your business plan. You can bridge the gap by offering business plan writing services to startup entrepreneurs.

16. Book Author-: You could transfer the knowledge you acquired to others by writing books that would help business owners with business growth and increase in performance.

17. Crowdfunding consultant-: This is another business which focuses on helping people secure funding for their business ideas.

18. Business School-: There are lots of people out there who need to learn methods and ideas of improving their businesses. You can share your ideas and knowledge with them through a learning platform or center.

19. Business brokerage-: Companies and organizations are always in need of some goods and services, as a business broker, your job would be to link both parties’ together-buyer and seller and earn commission for it.

20. Corporate training-: Organizations always have the need to train their staff and equip them with the right skills and knowledge to be able to handle new challenges on the job. You can take on such tasks if you are up for it.

Compilation by Ajaero Tony Martins A serial entrepreneur and investor with several successful companies in his portfolio. He does business in one of the world's toughest environment and has an audacious goal to become a billionaire in his life time. You can click here to read his full bio.

 Top 10 Part Time Business Ideas for Full-time Employees to Do On Weekends

1. Handyman

If you have a knack for fixing faults in a wide range of items, you can make money from helping people fix their faulty electrical wiring and leaky pipes. To promote your business, you can put up fliers and advertise in local online and offline publications.

2. Software trainer

If you are proficient in a highly specialized software package, you can get paid to teach amateurs and professionals looking to understand how to use the same package. Just schedule small group workshops or private sessions, and charge by the hour for a full tutorial. However, you must bear in mind that patience and a great personality are necessary for success.

3. Affiliate marketing

This online business requires you to market products and services, and get paid a commission each time you make a sale. During the early startup days, you will need to work on building traffic and implementing strategies for attracting buyers. With time, you will learn more tricks of the trade and make more money. If you love being online and are looking for a business that requires little or no investment, this might be the best option for you.

4. Party planning

Party planners handle events ranging from weddings and product launches to award dinners and corporate seminars. You will be saddled with the task of arranging and decorating the venue, designing and sending out invitations, deciding on food, and booking entertainment. Luckily enough, most parties occur during the evenings and on weekends. Once you establish yourself in this business, your income potential will grow exponentially, and you will be able to quit your job without hesitation.

5. Beauty and make-up artistry

You can launch a successful hair styling or make-up business even without attending a beauty school. All you need are the skills and talent required plus a good reputation and trust. You can start by working on friends and family for free or at discounted rates, and let word-of-mouth bring you more clients.

6. Pet care

If you love animals and are good at taking care of them, then you should spread the word to your friends and neighbors that you are available to watch their pets while the owners are away on vacation or business trips. You can either lodge the animals in your home or simply take care of them right in their owners’ houses.

7. Personal fitness trainer

Do you have a passion for fitness? You can turn that passion into a lucrative part-time job by becoming a personal trainer. Most clients will attend your session when they are back from work—at the exact time you will be back from work, too. So, you won’t have any problems attending to your clients. This business may require certification, though.

8. Craft or jewelry vendor

If you have a knack for jewelry making, knitting, or creating other small crafts and can produce large quantity of items within a short time, then you should consider making money off of this. You can sell your craft at online storefronts like Etsy, where you can display them and fill orders as they come in.

9. Wedding photographer

If you are a very good photographer, then you can make money by taking shots at weddings. And, since most weddings are held on weekends, this side business won’t interfere with your day job. The business has very good growth potential and could turn into a full-time pursuit in a short time.

10. Freelance writing

If you are a wordsmith, then you can craft words in exchange for cool cash. There is a booming demand for web content, such as blog posts, press releases, articles, eBooks, sales copies, whitepapers, and so on. So, you have a large market to cater to.

Compilation by Ajaero Tony Martins A serial entrepreneur and investor with several successful companies in his portfolio. He does business in one of the world's toughest environment and has an audacious goal to become a billionaire in his life time. You can click here to read his full bio.

Top 10 Easy to Start Small Business ideas for Expatriates

1. Teaching your native language

Teaching your native language (English, Dutch, Chinese, Spanish, French or any other) is one of the easiest ways to become self-employed as an expat. A smart idea is to choose a specific niche, such as teaching your language for business, personal tutoring, academic tutoring, etc.

A good way to start this business is to network with existing language schools; they may offer you a contract job to start with. However, keep in mind that teaching your native language in a foreign country would most likely require a recognized certification such as TOEFL or TESOL.

2. Translation services

If you can speak both your native language and that of your new country, you can make a lot of money working as a translator. You will find individual clients who have translation assignments to handle; and you will find businesses that need a translator to help them reach out to foreign prospects.

3. Import and export

If you have an established business in your homeland, you can consider establishing good import and export links with your new country. You can import the products offered by your business into your new country if they are in huge demand. However, bear in mind that the import or export business is a tough one. So, you should conduct thorough market analysis before venturing into it.

4. E-commerce

Location is no longer a barrier to buying and selling, thanks to the internet. Many people now prefer to buy products online due to the convenience and security this option offers. You can make a lot of money by setting up your own e-commerce store and offer products for sale.

You can start with a narrow range of products and then expand from there. Sourcing the products is now easier than ever, as you can buy from suppliers in Asia and sell to customers in Europe or America; all from the comfort of your room.

5. Virtual assistant

If you have some office administration or secretarial experience, then you should consider the booming virtual assistance industry. Many individuals and small businesses hire virtual assistants for a wide range of tasks such as data entry, document preparation, event planning, etc.

This saves them the cost of hiring an in-house employee. One good thing about virtual assistance is that the work is remote, and you can do it from the comfort of your room.

6. Photography

If you are a skilled photographer, you can make a lot of money from serving corporate clients, taking shots at weddings and other events, and taking shots of wildlife or travel. You can consider the growing micro-stock model if you are a prolific snapper. Also, you can teach others how to become a good photographer; if you are more of a people person.

7. Tea Cafe

Most foreigners adopt the option of running restaurants, cafes, and takeaways. This is often influenced by the cuisine for their homeland, and these outlets can attract hungry locals as well as other expats. Knowing what offers would sell in a place requires you to have spent some time studying the area and its people. So, keep this in mind if you think this business idea is for you.

8. Tour guide

Due to their native language ability, expats are often hired as tour guides. A smart way to take this a step further is to offer personalized tours to visitors from your homeland. Before taking a plunge, don’t forget to check if some licensing is required.

9. Life coach

If you have solid counseling qualification and skills and have had a successful career as a professional doctor, accountant, attorney, etc; then you can make extra money by starting a coaching business. Many people would pay you to give them professional advice that will help their career, businesses, and personal lives.

10. Other freelance services

If you have skills such as web design, writing, SEO, graphics design, and so on, you can make money by offering your services to individuals and businesses. Many small businesses now prefer the cheaper option of hiring freelance contractors to employing in-house staff.